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Are you looking for a full-service, purpose-built, professional foley studio which can offer complete foley editing packages and even recording and mixing services?

Then you are at the right place.

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Balázs Győri


During my years of education, I acquired degrees in mechanical engineering, production technology, and as a bass-guitar artist. I was the the bass guitarist and F.O.H engineer of popular bands in Hungary (Pa-dö-dö, Sugarloaf and Republic).

Meanwhile I worked at Déjà Vu studio as sound engineer and we won 13 “Golden Record” awards, and I contributed to the recording of more than 200 records. I worked as a dubbing editor and mixer for 5 years as well.

From 2013, I began to receive more creative work opportunities in the film- and television industry, as I started a sound editor / sound designer job at Sony Picture Entertainment CE.

Combining the advantages of the analytic thinking of an engineer with the artistic creativity of a musician helps me discover and exploit the depths and opportunities of foley, find the ways which makes this part of post-production work a creative means of storytelling instead of just a necessary technical element on the timeline.
Since 2014, foley has become my main creative domain: I have recorded and edited the foley tracks of more than 60 film- and tv productions.

My personal approach to foley creation is that I do not only work in the control room but I have designed and over the years, gradually built my own foley recording facility in a way that I can actually be the foley artist as well.

In my acoustically and technically customised studio, Pro Tools can be fully remote controlled, allowing me to do the foley work all by myself in a special meditative and experimental way.



"Balázs is one of the few who you can always rely on. He is an autonomous creative audio professional consistently outputting accurate work of the highest quality. Hence our more than a decade long collaboration.. "
Attila Tőzsér
Sound designer / Re-recording mixer
"Balazs is not only a highly professional expert of his field, with superb working ethics, great persistence, endurance and maximalism, but a very friendly and fun dude as well, who is always a pleasure to work with."
Károly Ujj Mészáros
Director / Writer
"You can always rely on Balázs. Despite being an artist he always deliver in time. He keep surprises me with creative foley ideas that adds a lot to the film sound. "
Gábor Császár
Sound designer / Re-recording mixer
"If you need a creative audio professional who’s always willing to go that extra mile, look no further."
György Rajna
Sound mixer
"Power of imagination and dramatic sense: two skills, which are significant for a professional foley artist, and Balázs has both. During our cooperation, Balázs often sends me some additional foley sounds, which are not mentioned in the request list. These are always very creative ideas and enrich the movies."
Rudolf Várhegyi
Sound designer / Re-recording mixer
"Enthusiastic. Professional. Creative. Artist. Teacher. Engineer. Friend. True. The best problem-solving partner in crime!"
Dóra Prigli
PR and marketing expert
"Although it’s never easy to create a new brand image, making the design for The Foley Artist brand was instinctive for me. The design elements represent professionalism, playful creativity, and reliability. Balázs is like a bro to me, and I can safely say that I could never ask him any audio-technical-related question he couldn’t answer."
István Szántai
Graphic artist, streamer

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